Our Story

Chantal grew up moving around a lot, mostly in BC, and developed a love of the land and nature. Jeff grew up in a small town in Ontario, spending lots of his time outdoors around White Lake. Fast forward 20 odd years and the two met at their first jobs out of University at a forestry consultant company. They quickly fell in love and embarked on the journey leading them to the farm. Moving from Campbell River to Salmon Arm, followed by Kamloops and ending in Cache Creek. The two got married in 2017 and started a new family in earnest by adding three amazing sons.

Chantal and Jeff had always dreamt of living on acreage, with gardens, animals and the space for their family to grow. The first attempt to buy their forever home/farm in 2019 ended in everything falling apart, they were left heartbroken and scrambling for a home. This left them living in a 5th wheel trailer for a few months with an infant and going to as many house showings that could be squeezed into a day. They settled on a house and tried to move on, but never stopped hoping and looking for another avenue to get where they wanted. Months later the same acreage they had lost came back on the market. With a little creativity from the banks and real estate agent, they put in another offer and got it! The O’Hara’s moved to Cache Creek, BC in 2020 on 69 acres.

Mother Nature has not been the kindest since the move. The Bonaparte River flooded with three peak flows over the summer of 2020, causing the loss of roughly one acre of land and the destruction of the road leading to the end of the property. This was followed up by the heat dome and fires in 2021. Chantal and Jeff remain determined and undeterred though, excited and hopeful for the years to come.