Can I use Cash or E-Transfer?

You sure can! Just email, call or fill our the contact form here to arrange it. We still ask you to let us know if it will be a re-occuring order or a one time purchase. We just want to minimize waste.

Can I Cancel at any time?

Absolutely. We just ask that you give us two weeks notice so we don’t grow your order.

I want to try but I have no idea what to order?

Message us! And we can put together a sample pack for you. Then you can try what we have and we can work with you to get a price and frequency that will fit you.

What is a Subscription box?

We designed a few '“boxes” that have a mix of microgreens. They have the staples that are popular: Sunflower, Pea shoots and a Broccoli or Kale. Upgrade for another $5 and we add in a Mustard or Radish (depending on the week).

We also have a “Farmers Choice” option. This allows you to pick your price and we get to give you whatever we choose. Could be the staples or something we are trying out. This will give you the biggest variety.

But you still have the option to just order one type of microgreen.

Can I increase or decrease the frequency of my order ?

Yes, of course. Just try and contact us two weeks before you next order then we can work with you to figure out a new plan that will work for you.

What if I really don’t like Radish or Broccoli etc?

Just add a note to your order or email/call us that you do not want to receive a certain microgreen. If you try a microgreen with your order that you don’t like, just let us know and we will be certain to add it to your profile. We want you to enjoy your order :).